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1 aromatic Eurasian perennial [syn: oregano, pot marjoram, wild marjoram, winter sweet, Origanum vulgare]
2 pungent leaves used as seasoning with meats and fowl and in stews and soups and omelets [syn: oregano]

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  1. A herb of the mint family, Origanum majorana, having aromatic leaves.
  2. The leaves of this plant used in flavouring food.


  • 1592-1609: The lily I condemned for thy hand, / And buds of marjoram had stol'n thy hair — William Shakespeare, Sonnet XCIX


  • Finnish: maustemeirami
  • German: Majoran
  • Italian: maggiorana
  • Spanish: mejorana , majorana
culinary herb
  • Finnish: meirami
  • German: Majoran
  • Italian: maggiorana
  • Spanish: mejorana , majorana

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Marjoram (Origanum majorana, Lamiaceae) is a somewhat cold-sensitive perennial herb or undershrub with sweet pine and citrus flavours. It is also called Sweet Marjoram or Knotted Marjoram and Majorana hortensis.
The name marjoram (Old French majorane, Medieval Latin majorana) does not directly derive from the Latin word maior (major).
Marjoram is cultivated for its aromatic leaves, either green or dry, for culinary purposes; the tops are cut as the plants begin to flower and are dried slowly in the shade. It is often used in herb combinations such as Herbes de Provence and Za'atar.
Although considered cold-sensitive, marjoram can sometimes prove hardy even in zone 5.

Related species

Orehellino (Origanum vulgare, sometimes listed with Marjoram as Origanum majorana) is also called Wild Marjoram. It is a perennial common in southern Europe in dry copses and on hedge-banks, with many stout stems 30-80 cm high, bearing short-stalked somewhat ovate leaves and clusters of purple flowers. It has a stronger flavor and a more penetrating quality.
Pot Marjoram or Cretan Oregano (Origanum onites) has similar uses to marjoram. Hardy Marjoram or French marjoram is a cross of marjoram with oregano that is much more resistant to cold, but is slightly less sweet.
Origanum pulchellum, Showy Marjoram or Showy Oregano.
(Catalan marduix; Spanish mejorana)


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